Inspirational Images

EGT’s Mission was founded on the principle of giving and sharing of public domain photos, images, and graphics. All of the inspirational images on this site were acquired from various public domain sources all over the Internet, as well as, designs that we have created and released into the public domain. These high resolution, high quality, public domain sourced photos and graphics are usually combined with inspirational texts by EGT, especially from the Christian Bible, for inspirational purposes. While the primary focus on these inspirational images are on the Christian Bible we will not be limited to just that source alone. Whatever we deem inspirational for ourselves we may create and provide in the public domain for you to download and use free of charge if you so desire.

Why the public domain and what can I do with these inspirational images? believes strongly in the concept of open source anything. We believe great things await the human race if we can just get past our selfishness and greed. While this spiritual evolution is going agonizingly slow we feel it is time to contribute what we can to move the “people own it” concept further. Sure we still rely on making some money, because let’s face it we still live in a world that demands it and requires it from us. It simply costs us money to even provide the opportunity for you to download free high quality inspirational photos, images, graphics, and more. Web hosting, domain names, even time isn’t exactly free, and not everyone is willing to give these things freely either. So, we ask that you support our affiliates whenever possible and don’t forget you can donate directly to us and cut out the need for affiliates entirely (hopefully someday permanently).

So that being said please feel free to download, reuse, recycle, and repurpose these photos, images, graphics and share them as you see fit. Use them as still images for your on-screen presentations. Use them as memes to post on your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. Share them with family and friends to lift their spirit. You can even click on our PRINT THIS IMAGE links to Zazzle to have your favorite image professionally printed (on those available). This way you can display it in your house, cubicle, or wherever you feel the need for inspirational images to be displayed.